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SCAMMERS AND DEADBEATS!!! [Oct. 12th, 2005|04:03 pm]

jeav7453; lisa.escobedo0018@xxxxx.com, wescobedo44@XXXXX.com:
We agreed to a swap of her Betsey Johnson Necklace for my BNIB MAC Blush. After asking for feedback, making me take pics of my BNIB item, and agreeing to swap she decided the swap wasn't fair so I offered to add a BN Fullsized Laura Gellar Mascara to my end. We agreed to ship and she kept asking me over and over if I had shipped even though she never gave ME her DC#. I printed postage, gave her the tracking number and told her I was dropping the package off on a Tuesday morning. The next day she emails me saying she wanted to know if we were still swapping b/c she never heard from me! EVEN THOUGH SHE REPLIED TO THE EMAIL I SENT WITH THE DC#!!!!! She then went crazy when I told her I felt like she was trying to swaplift me and that I should have never had to ship the same time being she has like less then 100 feedbacks and I have over 2000. She went on and on about how feedback means nothing, shes a mom of 3 kids at 25 (Close your legs/not my problem!! Don't swap then!!) and how she's not shipping her item b/c the DC# wasn't updated.. so therefore I never shipped. Like how is it my fault its not scanned!! I've had things arrive to people that never said they were delivered b/c the driver didn't scan the label but I knew they got it.
Long story short I lost out on postage/she wasted a ton of my time with emails/questions/pictures/etc but on the plus side I did get my item back!! What a waste of time... horrible newbie swapper!!

designerdeals,l0ve2shoppe,hqs4me (Bridget.Nelson@h******.com, Ohhtiff@yahoo.com)~
Can also be found at: http://community.livejournal.com/reportthem/68503.html
I was purchasing a playboy bunny towel and a bottle of swedish beauty tanning lotion from her. I paypal'ed her then shortly after received an email from someone who was also looking a those items. She told me to go look online that the same pics where on ebay. So i went to ebay and sure enough the same items were listed.
Here are the links to the auctions:




Upon finding this I emailed her and asked her for my money back nicely. She said she spent the money on perfume and lotion and could not refund me. Although she had just received payments from several other people. I filed a complaint with paypal and sent a refund request last night and still no refund. She deleted her journal then reopened in this afternoon. I went onto it and saw my name was taken off of her shipping list, the items were back for sale, and I wasnt refunded. I went to post to ask her about this and she had banned me from her journal!! This says scammer with a capital S to me but decide for yourself!!! I filed a paypal claim but no funds could be recovered from her account.

Bridget N*****, Canada; Tiffany, Alberta Canada; Brenda, Clearwater FL

♥xox_shortee_xox@*******.com, I forget her username I think it was _ohkatie or something really close to that:
I held a purse for her for over 2 months. She told me she would send out a money order, I waited about 2 weeks then emailed her. She told me she didnt get a chance to send it out but would do it the next day and send it for $25 instead of $23. I emailed her like 3 times since 4/25 and got no response.

angeladeda: Wanted to purchase 4 DVD's from me, agreed to hold them for her and ship when I received payment. Emailed her 5/18/06 and she told me she sent out payment on 5/15/06. She lives only one town away so theres no reason the payment should have taken over a week to get here. Emailed her last night and received a responce today saying she lost my email and all the other sellers she deadbeated's emails and changed her mind and doesnt want the DVD's. YET SHE TOLD ME SHE SENT THE MONEY.. BUT AT THE SAME TIME DIDNT WANT THEM!! HMMM..
Check out this link for others shes deadbeated..(including jennifers_store who didnt comment.

Angela from Morganville,NJ

Posted asking about a Replica LV cles I had, Im'ed me and told me she would send out concealed cash on 5/15/06 for the cles. I emailed her on the 19th to make sure she sent out payment and she told me she mailed it on the 16th. I left a comment on the 24th and 25th saying I hadn't received the payment yet and asked her if she changed her mind. No responce. I emailed her on the 30th again asking her about the payment.. she said "hmm this is confusing I sent it out a looooong time ago." I said.. do you know when you sent it out b/c yours would be the first payment I havent received from someone. She said.. "whoa man I hope it didnt get lost..well I'm pretty sure I did, How much was it again..I'll see about sending another one out but better hidden." YA RIGHT!! If $15 of mine got lost in the mail I think i'd be a lil more concerned!! Apparently shes notorious for flaking on trades.

Jessica from Flordia

lux_sells/libertine_lux (sogno.bella@g****.com):
We agreed on a LARGE mulitswap for one of her Prom dresses which I wasnt even sure would fit for about $150 of my items.. retailing at about $400. We confirmed the swap sometime the end of May. She told me if I paypalled her shipping she would ship out the item then she said she'd ship it to just send cash for the shipping. I pended about 15 or so items in my journal and said fine. I waited about a month and she emailed me saying she was sorry that her mom was supposta ship out the items and would be shipping in the next couple days. At that point I didnt even wanna do the swap anymore so I just didnt even respond. I waited till about a week ago with no dress..no responce and just took the items off pending. Totally lied about shipping out the items and flaked out the one trade. Other LJ users have contacted me with the same story!!

Julie G. from NY

sodiesells (ssodiesells@g****.com)
We agreed to a swap back in October. We were trading her 9 Burnt dvd's for my black limited tube top, purple aero tube top, and Nine west bag. She shipped her end out in a timely manner and I got them 10/26/06. When I went to play the DVD's I discovered they werent burned correctly and didnt play right. I emailed her about it and she said that she didnt really know how to burn DVD's to send them back and she'd reburn them. I sent her 9 DVD's back on 10/31 and she emailed me to let me know she received them. Time passed and I didnt hear from her. I emailed her a couple times about the situation and she told me she couldnt reburn them that she still wanted the items that she would paypal me the money for them. I told her it would be $30 shipped and gave her my paypal info... NOTHING. I contacted her AGAIN sometime in December asking her about the items, she told me she just wanted a JLO tank top and the purse to give her a total. I told her $20 shipped.. nothing from her again. I left her a negative on 1/15 stating my experience. She told me she didnt want the items anymore that she would take a negative!!! She did finally refund me the cost to ship the DVD's back to her. TOTAL DEADBEAT AND FLAKE!! TOTALLY WOULD AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

This girl is a complete psycho!! She replied to one of my post of _wantlists, not even 10 minutes later she replied to her original comment asking me whether or not I was interested in her items. She didn't even give me a chance to respond. She claims I was rude to her b/c I told her she was psycho... seriously... get over it.. your stalker ass comments were psycho!

We exchanged addresses for a 12 disc DVD trade. At the time she very little feedback so I assumed she would send first. I burned the DVD's then emailed her to let her know they would be done. She said she would ship hers out then I never heard from her again or received any DVD's. She claims she thought I flaked out.. funny the last email sent was from me to her...total time waster!

[User Picture]From: ___xkayla
2006-05-15 05:00 am (UTC)
whoa. i thought you were talking about me because my personal journal name is so similar to _ohkatie and i was like, i didn't get into a transaction with you!! lol
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-05-15 05:02 am (UTC)
lol awww... I can't remember her exact username.. it was something like that BUT I know thats her email. :) Sorry
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[User Picture]From: ___xkayla
2006-05-15 05:31 am (UTC)
don't apologize! hah, i just thought i was being original with my username!
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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2006-05-22 10:09 pm (UTC)

Re: fcuk designerdeals

I got an email from paypal.. they ruled in my favor.. but no money in her account so I get nothing :(
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[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2006-06-02 08:10 am (UTC)
About ohhtiff@yahoo.com:

To protect your security, PayPal offers information on the status of this member.

Seller Reputation: New Member*
Account Status: Unverified
Account Type: CA Premier
Account Creation Date: May 28, 2006
PayPal Member For: 4 days

Member accepts all payments
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From: _silentwreckage
2006-11-22 07:43 am (UTC)
hmmm, that angeladeda girl is looking for things in _wantlists. and she said she would send payment for a chanel glossimer, but we'll see how that goes. but she is posting under the username: ipredictsun.
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