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FRAGRANCE/HIGH END MAKEUP/COSMETICS!! - ~*FeLiCiA*~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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BeneFit Finders Keepers Full Finish Lipstick 1x

Bobbi Brown Washed Rose #2 Shimmer Blush, used lightly 1x

Cargo Martinique Eye Shadow, Gorgeous mauve with a light shimmer, dip starting to form in the middle but hetchmarks are still visible around the outside. Approx 90% remains but maybe more. Retail $16, $12

Christian Dior 2 Ombres 909 Duo Curacao/Raspberry:

Plastic insert still in compact but there is no brush.
Curacao has a very small dip in center~ approx 90%+ remains
Raspberry has a dip as shown in pic~ approx 75-85% remains

Flirt BNIB 09 Witchy Eyeshadow $8

Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #16:
Approx 60% remains, shimmery peach color.

Kiehls Anti-Oxidant Skin Preserver: 1.4oz jar, used a couple times.
Note.. these don't come filled to the top or atleast mine never did when I bought it. Jar looks to be about 1/2 to 3/4 full to be safe. Retail $60

Kiehls Imperiale Moisturizing Cuticle Treatment: .5oz jar, used 2x. Retail $19.50

Kiehls Lip Balm #1: .6oz jar, has a dip in the middle but was always used with a clean lipbrush, never with finger.

Kiehls Instant Satin-Soft Body Rub Moisturizer BN 8.4oz bottle, Retail $20

L'Oreal HIP Glimmer Shimmer Powder BN/Sealed

Lancome BNIB Aspen Nights (Metallic) Eyeshadow

Lancome BNIB Gold Plush Artliner DC

Lancome Blueberry Blast Juicy Tube BN DC

Laura Geller Creamy Black Mascara BN, Fullsized

Laura Mercier Eyedration® Firming Eye Cream, .5oz jar, approx 25-30% remains in jar. This is a great way to try out the product if you never have before. Retail $40

Lucky Chick BNIB Topaz Gloss & Glow
Lucky Chick BNIB Rose Quartz Gloss & Glow
Lucky Chick BNIB Ruby Gloss & Glow

NARS Heaven Duo: Approx 75% remains on pink side, 95% remains on orange side.

Philosophy Pink Bubbly Lipgloss, used 2x.

Shu Uemura BNIB 24k Eyelash Curler
Shu Uemura BNIB ME Silver 950
Shu Uemura BNIB IR Pink 100
Shu Uemura BNIB P Green 500
Shu Uemura Liquid Shimmer Eye Liner - Brown

Smashbox Smashing Mesh Fusion Softlight, Tested 1x, in the top right in PIC.
Smashbox Smashing Mosaic Fusion Softlight, Tested 1x, in the top left of PIC.

Stila 14 Karat Eyeshadow Pan BN, CP'ed for me by a swapper in Singapore. Was told this is an asian exclusive color.

Sue Devitt Storybook Cave Eyeshadow SIB, RIS used 3x by her and none by me.

Tarte Glitzed Mini Cheek Stain, lightly rested 1x on back of my hand.

Gleam Pro Pan SIP,Used 5x, no noticeable dip, approx 95%+ remains. $9
Rose Pressed Pigment Pan BN $8
Felt Blue DC, depotted with original label, swatched 1x lightly $10
Motif depotted with original label, used 2-3x $9
BNIB Play on Plums E/S $16
BNIB Limit Screw top shadow $20
BNIB Gulf Stream $16
Moth Brown (original release)SIB tested 1x $25
BNIB Shimmeranti Shimmermouse $10
Mi Lady MES, still domed. Approx 85% $14
Trace Gold Blush, used 4x. Depotted with original label $14
Moonflower LE, depotted with original label, used 2-3x $9
Warming Trend LE, depotted with original label, used 1x $11

Bold & Brazen LE Starflash, depotted with original label, used 4-5x $8.50
BNIB Brill E/S DC RARE $28
BNIB Fringe Screw top shadow, SUPER rare! This is my backup $28

Tempt Me Quad, useage shown $28
Take Wing quad, useage shown (one color repressed) $23
Self Made Quad of Asian Exclusive Lightful Colors,each shade used 2x $45

Fluidliners/Browset/Liquidlast Liner/Paints:
Photogravure Technakohl, 85% left $7


Shipping will be higher for these due to amount of bubble wrap!
Gold Deposit MSF, approx 85% left, still has dome $22 (Original Release)
Naked You MSF BNIB $35 (is alittle flaky on inside from the glitteryness of product)
Gold Spill BNIB $35
Light Flush BNIB VEINY $30

Pigments/Glitters/Solar Bits: OJ means its in the Original Jar!
(note some jars do not come full to top when purchased)
All my pigments are in OLD STYLE (7.5g) JARS unless otherwise mentioned.

BN Blue Storm Pigment LE/DC $40 $38 $35

~*Newly added*~
Steel Blue BN $24
Cornflower BNIB $24
Pink Bronze SIB 1/4 tsp removed $23
Kitchmas BNIB $24
Naval Blue 25-30% in Pro Jar $9
Sunnydaze BNIB $40
Golders Green BNIB $30
Azreal Blue BN $28
RR Blue 40% $25
Coco Beach BN in Pro Jar (two 1/2 jars transferred) $75
Clear Sky Blue 1/4 tsp left in OJ $7
Copperized LE 1/4 tsp removed $24
Muesum Bronze BNIB $30
Green Brown 75% $16
Blue Brown BN $24
Ruby Red SIB 50% $14
Reeved Up SIB 50% $14
Gold Stroke LE BNNB $28
All Girl LE/RARE 1/2 tsp removed (85-90%) in OJ $75
Golden Lemon 40-50% in Old Style OJ (heavy residue on sides) SIB $13
Gold Dusk BNNB (original release) $75
Forest Green BNNB (Original Release) $80
Chocolate Brown BNIB $25 POSS PENDING?
Dark Soul 50-60% SIB $13
Violet 75% SIB $16
BNIB Gold (Metal) $24
BNNB Copper (Metal) $24
Old Gold 50% SIB $12
Green (frost) 75-80% $75 (Paid 100 for it BNIB)
Frost BNIB $22

Pink Opal OJ Residue ONLY $4 SOLD
BNIB Royal Flush (Nords Exclusive) $28
BNIB Circa Plum (Nords Exclusive/Original release) $24
Melon SIB 75% in OJ $16
Copper Sparkle 1/4 tsp in Pro Jar $6
Maroon DC/RARE (A83) 80-85% in OJ $60
Blue Brown Residue in Pro Jar $5
Crystalized Lime Glitter, 1/2 jar in Pro jar $9
BNIB Subtle $50

BNIB Copper Glitter (Original Chunky Release) $22
Crystalized Yellow Glitter, 1/4 tsp removed $18
Jewelmarine 1/4 tsp removed $18
Chartreuse Glitter 50% $10
Reflects Very Pink 25% left (never used/split the jar) $8
Golddrift 50% in Pro Jar (handwritten label) $15
Golddrift Vial (this shade was only sold in vials) 75% $9
Hottest Pink Vial BN( only sold in vials) $10
Absolute Gold 2 BN Vials (only sold in vials) $10 each
White Glitter Vial (smaller sized) from Holiday 2001 set 95% $6
Grey Glitter Vial (smaller sized) from Holiday 2002 set 85% $6
Reflects Turquatic Glitter (residue only) $4

Bellyflop Sheer Color Extract BNIB $10

Myth, used 1x $12
Mistlesnow LE, tested 1x $11
O Lipstick, 85-90% remains $9
Plush LE/DC Lipstick SIB, bought as BNIB but is a little knicked/scatched up so I'll say its used 1x $10
BNIB Lavender Whip $20
BNIB High Top (FAFI) $18
BNIB Propagate LE Lipstick $18
BNIB Pop Circle, Colour Forms Nords Exclusive $18
BNIB Pleasureseeker LE Neo Sci-fi $18
BNIB Foil Lipstick LE/DC $20
BNIB Dream Vacation Lipstick LE/DC HTF $30 (paid $35)

Fresh Strawberry Tasti 50% of FS tube in 5g jar $1
Sweet Brulee Tasti SIB, Tested 1-2x, little to no scent left. $1
BNIB First Bloom LE Lipglass $16
BNIB Hothouse LE Lipglass $16 (Strange Hybrid)
BNIB Bait LE Lipglass $16 (Lure)
BNIB Sugar Trance $18 (Heatherette)
BNIB Bonus Beat $18 (Heatherette)
BNIB Cult Fave $18
BNIB Sweetness LE BLM $28 (Barbie Loves Mac)
String Bean Lustreglass, approx 85-90% left $7
Lustrewhite Lustreglass SIB, used 3x $7
Smile Dazzleglass SIB, 3x $10
Ola Mango Mini Lipglass BN $5
Languish Mini Lipglass BN $5

BNIB Ramoned Glitz Gloss $8


Cream O' Spice, SIB tested 1x $10
Mahongany Lipliner BNNB $9
Whirl Lipliner,SIB used 1x $10
Plum Lipliner 2" $2


Coconut Ice LE BNIB $15
Brizilliant (Beige Cream) LE/DC,BN $11
BNIB Shirelle (Red Cream) $10
Shag DC, swatched on 1 hand 95%+ $11
Frilled LE, BN $11
Violet Smoke LE, Approx 90%+ remains $11
Wizard LE/HTF, Approx 85% remains. $11
Cabana LE, Approx 85% remains $11
Coral Suite LE, Approx 90%+ remains $11
Cooltip LE BN $12
Duo-Pink, Approx 80% remains. $10

Fringe Brush Bag from Holiday 06 SIB, BAG ONLY! One fringe in middle is coming lose. $2 WITH PURCHASE OF ANOTHER ITEM
Fafi Giftbag BN/Unused $3
BNIB Gold Label Edition Barbie, was purchased on ebay when they first sold out. Paid $125 for it but will sell it for $60 plus shipping.

Viva Glam VI Dita PC $3(have 2 of these)
Viva Glam VI Eve PC $3 (have 3 of these)
Viva Glam VI Fergie (Red)
Viva Glam VI Fergie (Purple) $3
Viva Glam VI (4 pack/sealed) Debbie,Lisa,Eve,Dita $5 (Have 2 of these)
Lingerie $4
Lure $3
Amuse $3
Untamed $3
Madame B $8
MAC World Aids Day Postcard 08 $3
MAC Colour Forms LE Nordstrom Exclusive Fold Out Mailer $5

LUSH: All fresh and purchased in the last 3 months.
(Shipping for these items will be higher due to weight)

Youki-Hi Bath Bomb DC, kinda crumbly on spot where I took a chunk off 60% remains. $6
Sugar Scrub, the green one BN $4
Happy Soap DC, Molded Smiley Face Bar 3.5oz i think. $4
Happy Hippy 3.3oz, opened to sniff but didnt' use. $8
Karma 3.5oz molded bar $6

Porridge Soap,BN/Wrapped Small 36g/1.4oz Chunk of Porridge Soap. Was a 1/4 pound chunk that I cut in half and forgot to put back into a Ziploc so the soap has dried out. $1

Shipping is within the US only and is $2.50 for the first polish (includes DC) and $.50 for each additional polish. Orders of 5 polishes or more will be shipped via flat rate priority at a flat fee of $5.95 for shipping/DC.

275 St. Barths Blue HTF, 70% remains $4
433 Viva La Vespa HTF, 40-50% remains $8
280 Aruba Blue, 50-60% remains $2
89 Raspberry 80% remains $3
376 Blueberry Crumb, 1 mani $4

China Glaze:
Tinsel BN $4
Crystal Ball HTF, 80% remains $6
Temptest BN $5
Twilight 60% left $3
Aqua Baby, approx 50% $3
Purple Rain 80% left $5
Fairy Dust BN $4
Go Go Pink BN $4
Purple Panic BN $4

(Not pictured)
Carribean Temptation 50% $2
White-Kwik-silver BN $5
Haute Hippe BN $5
St.Tropez BN $4
Touch of Glamour BN $5
Vertical Rush BN $4
Xtreme Thrash BN $4
Black Diamond BN $4
Cafe Mystique BN $5
Jetstream 90% $3
Garter Belt BN $4
Flirty Femininity BN $4
Bohemian Chic BN $5
Pink Champagne BN $4
Afterglow BN $5
Whimsical 60% $3
An Affair to Remember BN $5
Golden Meringue Bn $5
Avalanche BN $4
Bohemian Rhapsody Bn $4
Chiaroscurio BN $5
Exceptionally Gifted BN $3


A La Mode #632 Enchante HTF BN $5
Get a Grip BN $4
Sugar BN $4 (2 AVALIABLE)
Take the Plunge BN $4
Aquamarine Bliss, 1 mani $4
Catch the Bouquet, 1 mani $3
Hawaiian Punch BN $4

Crawford's Wine BN $4
Close Your Eyes BN $4
Flagstone Rush BN $4

Orly Mini's: $2 each/ 3 mini's for $5/ or the whole set for $15 (ALL BRAND NEW)

On the List
Last Dance
Berry Sweet
Blue Bell (slight evaporation)
Show Girl


Alpine Snow (NF) Matte BNWT, $6
Is that for Me BN VHTF $20 SOLD
Hip Hop Holly (Ulta Exclusive 07)HTF BN $15
Candy Cane Cutie (Ulta Exclusive 07) HTF BN $12
Coral Reef HTF BN but some slight evaporation $12
Marooned on the Magnificant Mile BN $5
All Shook Up 40-50% (needs to be thinned) $3

Silver Snowflakes Glitter Top Coat VHTF ~40% (needs to be thinned) $4
Gold Lang Syne 50% $3
Plymouth Lox OF BN $7
Comet loves Cupid BN $6
Live From N.Y.... It's OPI HTF BN $7
Marquis D' Mauve BN DC,is missing the bottom label/handwritten label on it $6
I'll take the Cake BN $5

Isn't It Romantic, swatched on 1 nail $5
You don't know Jacques! Suede BN $5
Shootout at the OK Coral HTF BN $10
Lincoln Park After Dark Suede BN $5
Chapel of Love OF BN $5
Pistol Packin Pink OF BN $5
Hungry for my Honey BN OF $9

Wyatt Earple Purple 75-80% $10
Boris & Natasha BN $5
Russian Navy BN $5
Vodka & Caviar BN $6
Suzi says Da BN $6
Midnight in Moscow BN $7
Jewel of India BN $6

Don't know Beets Me BN $7
It's all Greek to Me BN $6
Peru-B-Ruby BN $5
Didgeridoo Your Nails? BN $6
I love the Holidays HTF BN $10
Merry Crimson! BN $8
Up the Amazon Without a Paddle HTF Swatched 1 hand $7

Cha-Ching Cherry BN $5
It's Toe-Totally Summer! 75% left $4
A-Rose by Dawn...Broke by Noon Swatched 1 hand $5
Pompeii Purple BN $6
To Eros is Human (Handwritten label)BN $6
Call My M-Agent-A BN $7
Seasons Screenings! BN $6

No Autographs, Please BN $6
I'd Like to Thank BN $6
My Big Break BN $6
Pretty at the Premiere BN $7
Have you seen my Limo? BN $10
I've "Red" the Script BN $6
Cool in the Pool BN HTF $7

Cabana Banana BN $7 SOLD
Int'l Date Line BN HTF $10
All that Razz-Berry BN $7
Goldilocks Rocks BN $6
Palm Beach Pomegranate BN VHTF (some evaporation as pictured) $50 SOLD
Pink Ulta-Matum HTF (Ulta Exclusive) BN $30
Pixie in Pink HTF (Ulta Exclusive) 90% $24
Blue Moon Lagoon BN $12

Who Are you Wearing BN $15
All Roses Lead to Rome VHTF 85% left $30
Light my Sapphire BN $6
Los Cabos Coral, 1 manicure $10
Puerto Vallarta Violetta BN $8
Deer Valley Spice BN $5
California Raspberry BN $6

Windy City Pretty BN $6
Edin-Burgundy HTF BN $20
Wanted...Red or Alive HTF BN $20
Shangri-la-la Liliac HTF BN $15
My Kind of Brown BN $6
A Dozen Rosas BN $9
Chocolate Shakespeare BN $7

PhotobucketThe Grape Lakes BN $6
Red Dazzle VHTF BN $25
Cloud 9 BN $10
Dress to Empress BN $7
Strawberry Fields HTF BN $20
All Pink All the Time! BN

Nicole Penny For Your Thoughts DC HTF, swatched 1x $5
Gold Hearted BN HTF (Would love to swap for Copper)
Big City Girl BN HTF $5

Sylvie BN $3
Pia BN $3
Marcella 2x $3

Not Pictured:
Dovima BN $4
Loredana BN $4

Fusion, Silver Bullet, Potion, Chill Out, Perfect Poppy

Rimmel #876 Fusion BN DC $3 (3 AVALIABLE) SOLD
Rimmel #584 Silver Bullet BN DC $3 (1 AVALIABLE)
Rimmel #825 Potion BN DC $3 (2 AVALIABLE)
Rimmel #321 Perfect Poppy BN DC $3 (2 AVALIABLE)
Rimmel #607 Chill Out Nail Polish BN DC $3 (3 AVALIABLE)

Rimmel #844 Modern Art BN $3
Rimmel #322 Hot Rock BN $3
Rimmel #358 Hippy Chick BN $3
or take all 3 for $8

Odds and Ends:
NARS Pussy Galore 95%+ $10
NARS BNIB Boccacio $12
Chanel BNIB Allegoria $20
Victoria Secret Goddess HTF $5
Pure Ice Spitfire (Multi color glitter) BN $2
NYX Vel Farre BN $2
NYX Lingerie BN $2
Sinful Rich in Heart BN $2
Sinful Morph De Rio DC BN $3
Sinful Solar Lights DC HTF swatched 1x $5
Sinful Lying Nails BN $2
Sally Hansen Emerald City BN $2
Icing After Midnight BN $1.50
Icing Dirty Girl BN $1.50
Ruby Kisses Baby Blue BN $2
Ruby Kisses Sunflower BN $2
Estee Lauder Bronze Metal BN $4
Chelsea #667 Violets Galore BN $4
EL Rosy Pink Mini BN $1
Nails Inc Albert Bridge Top Coat BN $10 (these retail for 10.50 GBP)
Stila #14 Ilithyia DC, 98% remains $7
Santee Jewelry Red BN $1
YSL La Laque #4 DC Red Engine?? .20oz $10


Bvlgari Extreme EDT:
3.4oz tester bottle. RIS, sprayed 1x by me.. about 90% full maybe more.

Liz Claiborne Bora Bora Travel Set, Includes 4.2oz body mist, 1.7oz body cream, 2.5oz shower gel. All products new and never used

Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise, 1oz bottle.GORGEOUS bottle but I just don't like the scent. Approx 80% remains maybe more.

[User Picture]From: onesail
2010-01-28 11:28 pm (UTC)
How much were you asking for Young Punk?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-01-28 11:31 pm (UTC)
I paid $35 shipped for it on Specktra so I'm trying to get as close to that as possible. :/
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: onesail
2010-01-28 11:47 pm (UTC)
Holy cow! That's determination. x) Too high for me, but thank you! Also, I did get your payment and my mom shipped out today!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-02-06 01:01 am (UTC)
Hey hun..
I just wanted to let you know I got the polish/lippie today. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2010-02-06 02:38 am (UTC)
That's great! :) If you have an account on makeup alley, could you leave me a token under marytothemax? Thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: beautifull_you
2010-02-06 03:38 am (UTC)
Token left.. I'm Lovinya02 on MUA if you could leave me one as well. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-05 05:30 pm (UTC)
Hi, you asked if I traded and I do if I see something I'm interested in. What were you interested in trading?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-02-06 01:01 am (UTC)
I was interested in your:
MJ Daisy SIB 1.7oz
Date...or soul mate? How to know if someone is worth pursuing in two dates or less by Neil Clark Warren Ph.D. - Paperback. Good condition.
How to make a man fall in love with you by Tracy Cabot
Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes

I'm looking for "He's just not that into you" type books to put on a bookshelf in room next to my makeup vanity with all cute/girlish things. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-06 06:58 pm (UTC)
I might have an extra he's just not that into if you're interested?
Also this is kinda off topic but if you have a Ross where you live you could go there and in the like home furnishings department where they have bedding and like stuff for the kitchen I also found some really cute girly things that say "glamour" and stuff like that on them. They are really cute and were only like 5 dollars!

Two questions. Above you put you only trade mac for other mac items, would you be able to bend that a little?
Also, what exactly is this Lush that everyone has? I heard it's from like Europe or something?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-02-06 07:00 pm (UTC)
I have he's just not that into you I'm just looking for books like that.
Lush is a homemade cosmetics/soaps brand. They have some stores in the US. Heres the site: www.lush.com

It really depends on which items you're interested in but for the most part (definately the BN/HTF items) I only want to swap for other mac. :/
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-12 10:39 pm (UTC)
Were you still interested in trading?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-02-13 12:31 am (UTC)
Sorry with all the snow I haven't had electric/been online much. Would you be willing to do the following for Daisy SIB:
Philosophy Pink Bubbly Lipgloss, used 2x
Smashbox Smashing Mosaic Fusion Softlight,Tested 1x, in the top left of PIC.
String Bean Lustreglass, 85% remains.

That would be about $52 on both ends, LMK :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-14 07:31 pm (UTC)
I was hoping for the Ralph Lauren Wild perfume to be in there :P Is it currently unavailable?
If it isn't for trade/sell then lmk and I'll figure something else out.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-02-14 09:17 pm (UTC)
It is but considering its bnib and I JUST bought it from sephora I'd be better off just exchanging it for the Daisy at sephora and then I'd be getting another bnib one as well.
I'm really only interested in the daisy from your journal.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-15 09:20 pm (UTC)
Well we could do that trade. [Daisy for your pink bubbly lipgloss, smashbox softlight & mac lustreglass]
To exchange info email me here-
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ambiverted
2010-02-06 09:40 pm (UTC)
Well here's what I'm interested in -
Lustrewhite Lustreglass, tested 3x.
String Bean Lustreglass, 85% remains.
Smile Dazzleglass 3x
Ralph Lauren BNIB Ralph Wild 3.4oz
Philosophy Pink Bubbly Lipgloss, used 2x
Smashbox Smashing Mosaic Fusion Softlight, Tested 1x, in the top left of PIC.
LUSH Ice Blue Soap, I have a 2lb chunk I can swap as whole or break up into smaller pieces depending on the swap

Let me know what you think would be fair :) Or if you would even trade those items.

(Reply) (Thread)
From: missgorejess
2010-06-13 11:34 pm (UTC)
See anything to trade? Please send any response to j.mousseau@hotmail.com, i don't get notifications.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: binkie721
2010-06-16 01:16 pm (UTC)
Hi. I really like your bora bora set..how much is it with shipping to 71052. thanks!!
(Reply) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: lovinya02
2010-08-11 08:11 am (UTC)
I didnt see anything.. sorry :(
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: abbiedee
2010-10-04 01:50 am (UTC)
hey ! would you consider trading for anything on my journal? :)
(Reply) (Thread)